Especially during this time of social distancing and the closing of the Kendal Center, residents and administration will be using Zoom Meetings for meetings and events which previously occurred in the Auditorium. The Zoom account management for Kendal is the responsibility of the Communications Committee, a standing committee of the Board of the Kendal Residents Association (KRA).

Kendal Committees and KCC Administration wishing to schedule a Zoom event can use the Request Zoom Only Event or Meeting Form.

How to Schedule a Community-wide Zoom Meeting

There are too many resources available to help you learn Zoom!  Here are our favorites.  Feel free to share others with us.  First, define your goal:

Goal: “I want to attend a meeting, a party, or a conversation on Zoom and don’t know how to begin…”

Goal: “I want to schedule a meeting, a party, or a conversation on Zoom…”

Goal: “I want to update my Zoom software on my laptop or desktop computer …”

See these instructions. The screen shots are from a Windows 10 Computer, but they look very much like the would look on MacOS. Note that if you use a phone or tablet, you update through the appropriate app store. Note that you should be set for automatic upgrades, if that is a possibility on your device.



Worried about security?  Several excellent articles provide some information.  You will notice that KRA Zoom Meetings include protection of the meeting information,  a meeting password, and  a variety of security measures that help minimize the danger of Zoombombers.  While we cannot guarantee freedom from Zoombombers, we have taken measures to prevent them.  Here are some recent articles about safe Zoom meetings.

From “Make sure your Zoom Meetings are Safe by Doing these 10 things”

From 4/8/2020 York times: “Zoom Privacy – Lessons”  (Thanks to John Hale)