Aerial view of Kendal Campus

Check out this page frequently for updates from Seth Beaver on KCC Revitalization Master Plan and the Mott/Woolman Construction Projects.  Should you have a question about these initiatives, please contact Seth.


Video of April 1st construction update

April 1st Mott and Woolman Construction Updates

Video: March 9 Revitalization Meeting

March 9 Revitalization Slides 

March 1 Revitalization Update

February 8 Mott and Woolman Update

January 11 Mott and Woolman Update

January 6  Revitalization Update


November 24, Construction Update

November 3, 2021: Revitalization award

October 27, 2021: Mott and Woolman Construction Updates

October 7, 2021: Revitalization Proposal Slide Presentation

October 5 Woolman and Mott Construction Updates

Sept. 16  Woolman/Mott Construction Update

FAQ on Plan

Slides from the May 12 Meeting

May 12: Video of Kendal Revitalization Plan Preview with Residents

Model Cottage Charrette Report

Summary of Charrettes Slides

Feb. 18: Kendal Design Charrette Follow-up  Video of Zoom meeting 1:47


Dec.7: Recording of Lenhardt Rodgers Focus Groups

Dec. 2: Seth Beaver Report on Capital Projects

Nov. 4: Seth Beaver Capital Projects Update

Nov. 4: Woolman Mott Construction Project FAQ

Oct. 28: Slides for November Meeting

Oct. 7: Seth Beaver: October 7 Update

Oct. 7: Revitalization Master Plan FAQ

Sept 21: Revitalization Update Z00m Meeting Powerpoint Slides

Sept.1: Revitalization  Update to Community

Feb. 18: Architects Forum Presentation on Revitalization.