The Parkinson’s Education and Training Steering Committee offers resources to the Kendal-Crosslands Communities residents and their families to provide an opportunity to learn more about Parkinson’s disease.  The Committee is committed to providing staff, residents and families with the latest education, information, services and resources to enhance the lives of our residents.  We recognize how important it is to support those living with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s-like syndromes and their partners as they journey together.  Listed below you will find many areas of education on Parkinson’s which are being offered within Kendal, in the local area, and nationally via the Internet to enhance of the lives of our residents.  Simply click on the item for further information.


Kendal Resources

  • Rehab Services:
    Rehab Suite Main Number: 484-259-0140
    Speech Therapy (LSVT Loud), Physical Therapy (LSVT BIG), Dance Therapy and Occupational Therapy services, and Health Center in-house activities.  These are available by physician referral through the Resident Care office.
  • Wellness Services
    • Individual and custom services designed for both Parkinson’s and other residents in the Wellness Center
    • Group land-based and aquatic class descriptions
    • Alternative therapies open to both Parkinson’s and other residents
      • Acupuncture, which requires a referral from Resident Care
      • Massage with a referral from Resident Care
  • Social Services
  • Financial and insurance related services information may be obtained from Julie Porter, Resident Billing at 610-388-5546
  • Nutritional information may be obtained from Elizabeth Kautz, Registered Dietician: 610-388-5000 x119.  The Registered Dietitian is available by self-referral or by physician referral that can be arranged through the Resident Care office.
  • Resident-led group/committee activities.  Many of these groups sponsor workshops and education events, which can be found on the website calendar.
  • Transportation Resources and Medical Companions can be arranged with Linda Jackson, Resident Care Secretary 610-388-5531
  • Bibliography