Kendal residents are endowed with a wealth of Health and Wellness options.  These are some you will want to check out:

Currently: To see anyone in Resident Care, you must make an appointment. 

We cannot stress this enough. Even though you are in the center and screened, please do not walk into the area as the space is not conducive to proper social distancing. If you need to speak to someone in Resident Care, please call and make an appointment.

Kendal Resident Care 610-388-5531                    Resident Care Fax: 610-388-5564

Health Services Updates

Resident Care

Wellness Department  Staff Profiles, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Vitalize 360

Health Services Manual

Health Services Organizational Charts

Cumberland and Westmorland Information

Social Services: hours, staffing, information on our social service support programs.

Home Care

Dementia Resources

Parkinson’s Resources and Steering Committee 


Summary of Focus Groups Reports on Health Center Renovation