Cheryl and Joanne Boise in Kendal #92 are asking for help. “We are looking for someone to care for our two cats while we are out of town. One needs a pill daily, but is fairly easy to manage. Otherwise the task is basic: food, water, litter boxes, and assuring they stay safe inside. If any cat owners are interested in helping us, please be assured we are more than happy to reciprocate. In lieu of direct assistance, we would greatly appreciate recommendations for cat sitters. Thank you”.



Resident woodworker, Larry Wilson made these in our woodshop. The two that are left are across from the book shelves in the basement. One is maple, 22 inches long, and costs $90. The other is Maple and Cherry, and costs $120. Proceeds to support KRA.

Cal Calvache has a brand new fancy chair. He is willing to give away his rollator.  Contact Joanne Wood, Cottage 268.


On Wednesday, February 18, Fred Thompson put his dark navy-blue coat, size XL, in the cloak room under the letter T. Someone accidentally took his coat and left a NAVY-BLUE JACKET WITH THE LABEL NAVIGO CRUISE LINE in its’ place. If you normally hang your coat in that area, and it is dark blue in color, please check to see if you have Fred’s coat.

Various keys.  Claim at Reception if they are yours.

Any unclaimed items will be donated to the AFSC clothing drive. Be sure to also check the Lost & Found corner in the cloakroom.

Click here to find out more about the Kendal Recycling Shed


Seamstress – “Crosslands Needlers” Contact Jane Roberts Xlands Box 145. We repair garments and do alterations for residents who do not sew. Can pick up and deliver.  $5 an hour – all proceeds donated to Crossland’s Residents Assn. Recommended by a Kendal resident for quality workmanship at a very reasonable price.


Wanted to Rent- If you have a 2-car garage and only one car maybe you would be willing to accommodate my Mazda Miata.  It’s small and would still leave room for your storage, if you don’t have an outside door opener, I would be glad to install one. Dave Redmond #254  2/25/21

WANTED:  Recorder players to join us every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m in the Kendal Multipurpose Room.  Contact either Barbara Rowley at Crosslands or  Deborah Haskell at Kendal: #174.