Dear Fellow Kendalites,
From time to time people ask me for my thoughts and opinions about the war in Ukraine, and I’m always happy to oblige, to share whatever I can in these difficult times. Occasionally, though, I have the occasion for a more extended discussion. That happened recently on a podcast called “The Curious Professor.”
The podcaster has just released our conversation, and I’m sharing it with you now. Here is the link to it;

Happy listening! If you have any thoughts or comments, I’d be happy to receive them at:

Jim Curtis.  October 27, 2022

Free to a good home:

Hydrangea plant with pot. Contact Joanie Forman #111 to arrange delivery

 POSTED 9/29/2022


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Seamstress – “Crosslands Needlers” Contact Jane Roberts Xlands Box 145. We repair garments and do alterations for residents who do not sew. Can pick up and deliver.  $5 an hour – all proceeds donated to Crossland’s Residents Assn. Recommended by a Kendal resident for quality workmanship at a very reasonable price.


Wanted to Rent- If you have a 2-car garage and only one car maybe you would be willing to accommodate my Mazda Miata.  It’s small and would still leave room for your storage, if you don’t have an outside door opener, I would be glad to install one. Dave Redmond #254  2/25/21

WANTED:  Recorder players to join us every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m in the Kendal Multipurpose Room.  Contact either Barbara Rowley at Crosslands or  Deborah Haskell at Kendal: #174.