Contact the Kendal Resident Website is a form for comments, questions or information you would like placed on the website. As an alternative, comments can also be emailed to:

Schedule a Room/Event

Before scheduling an event, check both the Meeting Room Calendar for the desired room and the Kendal Events Calendar for possible conflicting events which have already been scheduled. These calendars and the Crosslands Event Calendar can also be accessed online on the Calendars Tab. For more information on avoiding scheduling conflicts, read How To Use the Calendars When Planning an Event“.

Room Reservations: Use this form to request a reservation or recurring reservations for an event, program or meeting; to update and/or change the date and time of a reservation(s); or cancel a reservation(s). You can also use this form to request services from S&L, Zoom, Ushers and/or Environmental Services. **** Events in the Auditorium involving S&L must be reserved and S&L notified before the 20th of the previous month. ****

Event Updates: As of 9/6/22, this form has been retired. The functions have been added to Room Reservations above which should be used instead.

Request Zoom Only Event or Meeting: Use this form to schedule a single or recurring Zoom event, program or meeting. This form goes to the Chair of the Communications Committee, who places the requested dates on the Zoom calendar.

Change In-Person Event to Zoom: Use this form to change previously scheduled In-Person, single or recurring events to Zoom Only. It sends a request to the Front Desk Ambassador to cancel the meeting room and can include cancellations to any previously scheduled ancillary service providers such as S&L, Ushers and/or Environmental Services.. Finally, it sends a request to the Chair of the Communications Committee to set up the event(s) on the Zoom calendar as Zoom Only.

Request Help with Forms: Use this form to request help with an issue, ask a question, or make a suggestion in relation to any of the forms above and more.

Which Form Should I Use? This will provide guidance on which of the available Room/Event Scheduling forms you should use.

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Kendal Resident to Resident Organization Forms

Contact the Kendal Resident Website is a form for comments, questions or information you would like placed on the website. As an alternative, comments can also be emailed to:

Contact the Kendal Resident Association Board with your comments, suggestion, ideas and questions.

Join Us Form for residents to give information about themselves to the Appointments Committee. Completing this form will place you in the list of those interested in volunteering for KCC Board Committees or Collaborative Committees.

KRA Request for Payment for use by Committee Chairs and others requesting reimbursement from KRA for budgeted expenses. This form is submitted directly to our Treasurer.

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KCC Resident to Staff Department Forms

Resident Absence Form: Complete and submit the online form to let the front desk ambassadors know that you will be away. Incorporated within the Resident Absence Form is a form requesting that your mail be held until your return. However, in cases where you might need the mail held but do NOT need to complete an Absence Form, the Hold Mail form can be found here. An example of such a circumstance might be an extended rehabilitation or hospital stay.

Dining Comment Form: Comments go directly to the Kendal Culinary staff and are treated just like the comments on the form you fill out with a pen in the Dining Room or Café.

Resident Phone Email Directory Form: Used to to notify the Ambassadors of changes in your phone or email information, can be completed and submitted entirely online.

Photo Release Form: Used by administration to certify that they have your permission to use photos, recordings, videos etc. of you for promotional and other purposes.

Prescription Refill Form: Refill your prescription with no paper; the form is submitted directly to Resident Care.

Pet Registration Form: Kendal requires all residents with pets to register their pet. The online form is submitted directly to the Ambassadors. The most recent Pet Policy can be found here.

Kendal Designated Friend Agreement Form This link will take you to the Designated Friend page where you will find a description of the Designate Friend program and a form a resident and Designated Friend to make explicit exactly what is expected and agreed to by the resident and the designated friend. It should be printed and then filled out and signed. Copies should be kept by both the resident and the Designated Friend. No copies are needed by Resident Care. Note that you cannot use this form to make someone your Designated Friend. For that you must use the Resident Information Form below.

Resident Care Information Form Visit the Resident Care Page for further information.