Contacts:  Susanna Davison #214, and Carolyn Gibson #218, Coordinators

Our Kendal tradition of a newsletter began in 1972 and today we introduce to you our newest version, Kendal Currents. This newsletter, by and for Kendal residents, will allow sharing of perspectives and experiences with the Health Center residents for whom the newsletter was developed.

Most months Kendal Currents will appear on the resident website and color-printed copies will be given to Health Center residents and those in Independent Living without computer access.

The Executive Board, including members of the Communications Committee, hope you will enjoy Kendal Currents, and that perhaps you will contribute ideas or articles to future issues.

You will find all the editions of the Kendal Currents here as printed copies are only distributed to our target audience, Health Center residents and those without computers.

If you know of someone who cannot find a current copy and would like to request an emailed copy, please contact Susanna Davison or Caroline Gibson.

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