The purposes for which the Association is formed are:
(a) to promote and further the interests and welfare of the residents of Kendal;
(b) to communicate and cooperate with the KCC Board of Directors and staff at Kendal
in promoting a provident, healthful, enjoyable and useful community life.

Front Row: Fred Thompson, Treasurer; Ruth Greenberger, President; Frank Czeiner, President-elect; Carole Smith, Secretary
Back Row: Richard King, Steve Michaels, Libby Rupp, Gretchen Wright, Dave Elder, Ernie Kimmel, Pete Hillyer, George Alexander, Marilyn Van Renterghem, Terry Gonzalez, Tat Smith
Not pictured: Ellen Gay and Mary Lou Parker


  • President – Ruth Greenberger #207
  • President-elect – Frank Czeiner #277
  • Treasurer – Fred Thompson #262
  • Secretary – Carole Smith #258

Term expires June 30, 2024

  • David Elder #161
  • Ellen Gay #191
  • Richard King #116
  • Steve Michaels #189
  • Tat Smith #148
  • Gretchen Wright #48
  • Ernie Kimmel (ex-officio)#290

Term expires June 30, 2023

  • George Alexander #117
  • Terry Gonzalez #86
  • Peter Hillyer #274
  • Mary Lou Parker #44
  • Libby Rupp #193
  • Marilyn Van Renterghem #17

Contact the KRA Board with ideas, comments, suggestions, questions

What does the KRA DO?

  • Funds and supports the resident initiated committees which bring us recreational opportunities, entertainment and education, such as Concert, Weaving, Library, website and more.  More information about many of these is found on the Committees tab.
  • Represents Kendal residents to KCC Governance and Administration by
    • preventing and solving problems collaboratively with KCC staff through ongoing dialogue and as needed, creation of Task Forces to address specific problems.
    • meeting resident needs with Kendal staff on  Kendal’s collaborative committees.
    • nominating Kendal residents to participate in KCC Board of Directors Committees
    • KRA presidential participation and reporting to residents after each KCC Board of Directors meeting.
  • Represents Kendal Longwood on the Council of Continuing Care Communities. Our current representative is Gretchen Wright (2025).

How can I be involved with KRA?

  • ALL residents ARE MEMBERS of the Kendal Resident Association.
  • Attend meetings, monthly except during the summer.  Watch for notices!
  • Share your thoughts, insights and experiences with Board members and officers using the KRA Contact Form
  • Help identify barriers–and solutions–for Kendal’s healthful, enjoyable and useful lifestyle and bring them to KRA attention.
  • Donate as you are willing and able during the annual fund drive.

KRA Standing Committee members listed with term expiration date

Nominating Committee – Taking the public recommendations into account, the Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate for Board members and officers.
Betty Warner, Chair (2023), Terry Gonzalez (2023), Leslie Leonard (2023), Betsey Rice (2023), Beth Volk (2023)

Budget & Finance Committee – The Budget and Finance Committee shall solicit budget requests from the resident-initiated committee chairpersons…. maintain a year-round awareness of the Association’s financial status; consider any unexpected budget request … make recommendations to the Board concerning the management of and requests for expenditure of any of the other funds of the Association.
Marilyn van Renterghem, Chair, Fred Thompson, Vice Chair (2023), Peter Hillyer (2023), Tat Smith (2024) Frank Czeiner Ex-Officio

Appointments Committee –  charged with identifying qualified candidates who are willing to serve as resident representatives on one of the committees that contribute to the welfare of residents at Kendal and the entire Kendal-Crosslands community.  Libby Rupp, Chair(2023); George Alexander (2023); MaryLou Parker (2023);Dave Elder (2024); Gretchen Wright (2024)

Communication Committee – The purpose of the Communications Committee shall be to improve access to and quality of information for ALL Kendal residents.
Ernie Kimmel, Chair(2023), Renee Betts (2025), Celia Esplugas (2024) Charlie Hill (2023),  Marjorie Herbert (2024), Virginia Hopkins (2025),  Pat Redmond (2024), Charlie Reinhardt (2025), and Libby Rupp (2023).

Audit Committee –  audit the accounts of the Treasurer for the prior fiscal year, as well as all committees that have bank accounts that use the KRA tax identification number.
Kathy Chen (2023), Jeff Levine (2023), Charlie Reinhardt (ex-officio)