Detailed Dinner Menu

Friday Dinner


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Lower Sodium Cauliflower Soup

Full Salad Bar featuring Brie and Crackers

Fresh Baked Bread


Veal Piccata

Garlic Ginger Pork Stir Fry

Vegetarian Yam and Plantain Curry

Simply – Pork Tenderloin


Roasted Red Potatoes

Wild Rice Blend

Grilled Beets with Balsamic Glaze

Haricots Verts


Please help yourself to our Dessert and Bakery Offerings, Low Sugar and Low Fat Desserts Available

Detailed Lunch Menu

Friday Lunch


Crab Soup

Lower Sodium Cauliflower Soup

Full Salad Bar featuring Four Bean Salad


Cheese Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Vegetarian Yam and Plantain Curry


Mashed Potatoes

Vegetable Medley

Full Dessert Bar and Ice Cream Bar

Tomorrow’s Detailed Dinner Menu

Saturday Dinner


Lobster Bisque

Lower Sodium Vegetable Rice Soup

House Garden Salad

Fresh Salsa & Chips 

Fresh Baked Bread


Short Ribs of Beef

Soft Shell Crabs

Asparagus Roquefort Crepes

Simply – Grilled Chicken Breast


Creamy Polenta

Chipotle Lime, Red Quinoa with Fire Roasted Vegetables

Fresh Steamed Broccoli

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Root Vegetables and Kale


Please help yourself to our Dessert and Bakery Offerings, Low Sugar and Low-Fat Desserts Available


Featured Events

KRA Lounge Chats - Fri Mar 24, 2023

"As promised, this Friday's informal chat will take place in the auditorium. We'll begin with some review of recent processes and where we are and then focus the open discussion on how we heal and care for our community in times of stress. We need each other as we look back at the pandemic years and look forward to the disruption of construction."

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Memorial Service for Ruth Stern in the Kendal Auditorium and on Zoom at 2:00pm

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Listening Post - Mon Mar 27, 2023

Need some help resolving a Kendal-related issue? Have a confidential conversation with two KRA Board members at the Listening Post...

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Orientation Meeting - Mon Mar 27, 2023

For Newcomers and Other Interested Residents - Health Care Services at Kendal. Auditorium and Zoom

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Heart of Resilience Series - Mon Mar 27, 2023

Harness resilience using Heart Math techniques.

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Still Wondering about Moving to Cumberland? Come to outhitting Q & A session with Health Services Staff Members.

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Postings – What’s New At Kendal

News You Can Use

03/21/2023|Comments Off on News You Can Use

Sign up for our Passover Celebration...The March New Books List is on the Library page... Looking for maps? They are now on the Viibrant/Admin website... Check out the Big Woods update on the Viibrant website... Video of the 3/13 KRA Board Meeting...

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  • Terry Wallace and Betsy Wenny

Harrisburg Rally

03/24/2023|Comments Off on Harrisburg Rally

Two cars full of Kendal Residents, went to Harrisburg this week delivering our signed petitions for Universal Background checks and Save Fire Arms storage to Representative Christine Sappey and State Senator, John Kane.

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Tell Everyone About Yourself

03/23/2023|Comments Off on Tell Everyone About Yourself

Now that our website has more time and space to feature our KRA activities we are encouraging Committees to send us an article promoting what they do and how they do it. Spotlight your volunteers, [...]

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Arboretum celebrates 10th Anniversary

03/22/2023|Comments Off on Arboretum celebrates 10th Anniversary

Since being accredited as an Arboretum, we have added almost 1000 trees, averaging out to 100 a year. Click here to read the April, 2013 Reporter article on the process of getting official accreditation for our Arboretum.

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Sample Cottages

03/19/2023|Comments Off on Sample Cottages

What a joy when Kendal’s original Sample Cottages were completed in June of 1972. At long last, visitors could actually see the cottages and walk through them, imagining themselves there

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Why are we called Kendal?

03/12/2023|Comments Off on Why are we called Kendal?

Kendal's name originates with Quaker history, much of which occurred in this lovely little town in England....

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Hoops, anyone?

03/10/2023|Comments Off on Hoops, anyone?

Joe Volk is exploring the installation of a basketball hoop (not a court) for residents who like to shoot hoops now and again.  Interested?

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Recent Videos

A NEW HOME FOR VIDEOS: Video recordings now have their own website page, which you can get to by clicking the Videos tab/button at the top of the Home Page of the website.