Detailed Dinner Menu

Wednesday Dinner – Main Dining Room 


Butternut Squash Soup 

Low Sodium Butternut Squash Soup 

Full Salad Bar featuring Waldorf Salad 

Fresh Baked Bread



Roasted Chicken 

Spinach Enchilada 

Simply:  Baked Chicken


Dirty Rice 


Fried Okra

Wilted Spinach 


Full Dessert Bar and Ice Cream Bar


Detailed Lunch Menu

Wednesday Lunch Cafe


Broccoli Cheese Soup

Full Salad Bar 


Bourbon Beef

Cheese Ravioli

Pork Chops

Chicken Tenders

Pasta with Ricotta & Vegetables

Carve Bar:  Flank Steak


Fingerling Potatoes 

Shredded Brussels Sprouts 

Roasted Squash with Red Peppers 

 Full Dessert Bar and Ice Cream Bar



Featured Events

December Birthdays - Wed Dec 8, 2021

Celebrate your December birthday today, by picking up your special cupcake at the Cafe.

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CONCERT- Casimir Trio - Wed Dec 8, 2021

The Casimir Trio will appear in person in the auditorium at 7:15pm. Because of COVID restrictions, registration is full. The performance will be broadcast to all who have Channel 13.1

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New Resident “Coffee-less Reception” for Thursday, Dec. 9, at 10:00 am. Join via Zoom

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The Spiritual Life Committee announces annual speaker Rev. Kelly Carpenter to speak on “Dream Work as Spiritual  Practice” The presentation will be on ZOOM.

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Concert – Kendal Singers - Fri Dec 10, 2021

Back after the pandemic created absence, we welcome the Kendal Singers to the Auditorium with two performances of their Holiday Concert. One is at 10:30 am and the other at 7:15 pm.

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KRA Board Lounge Chat - Fri Dec 10, 2021

Join Betty or Ruth or maybe both of them in the Kendal Center Lounge for a chat every Friday.  Drop in any time between 1:30pm and 3:00; leave when you wish.  Feel free to bring your questions, your ideas, your stories and your sense of humor.  Kendal is our community!

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Postings – What’s New At Kendal

Christmas Items

There is an abundance of holiday treasurers available in the Center on the lower level, in the Game Room.    Drop by, Browse and add to your holiday collection.  

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News You Can Use

Free rollator.......The latest Currents .... .Monday Topics Video is available. ... .New hours for Gateway Shop . .. . Flower Arrangers need YOU . . Scams abound at this time of year, be aware of fake bills..........

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Unsilent Night at Crosslands

Have you heard of Unsilent Night? A participatory music experience which occurs in major cities around the world, now coming to Crosslands. Save the date and time: Dec 19 at 4:30pm. For more information about the event....

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  Annual Dryer Duct Cleaning-Weather Permitting

Dryer duct cleaning has been scheduled for all Kendal public laundry areas, health centers and units 297, 298, & 299 on December 7th.  Cleaning of the dryer duct will take approximately 1 hour or less. The laundry area will be out of service during the cleaning process.

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Digital Archives Update

From 2001 through 2011, on Friday afternoons, a group of Quakers held a Peace Vigil in Kennett Square. Several Kendal residents were longtime participants. Learn more about this vigil and its participants by going to the new Critical Issues folder in the Digital Archives...........

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Add Your Cheer to Our Tree

Please help us decorate our tree with good wishes, kind words, inspirational thoughts, or designs. We aim to brighten everyone's holiday time with kindness and good cheer. Next time you are with us, please share a thought or two and hang it on our tree.....

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